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DIMEXNET is made up of a dynamic and qualified team devoted to ameliorating the productivity of the farming industry of Cote d’Ivoire. We are dedicated to bringing about a spirit of innovation and openness to new approaches in business management, with the goal of satisfying our clientele.

Our Mission

DIMEXNET aims to modernize agriculture in Ivory Coast by acting in the first place, an intermediary between the agricultural cooperatives and the Ivorian Government and adequate agricultural equipment providers in North America, according to the demand for equipment required by customers. In the background, DIMEXNET will handle all the steps related to freight transport from suppliers to customers (door to door). Thus DIMEXNET differs from other agricultural distribution companies in Ivory Coast as it consolidates the chain of services Import / Export or Supply, Transportation, Logistics, Transit, Customs, Delivery, Guarantees, Monitoring and after sales, so that all parties involved respect the contract agreements, delivery, quality and the payment agreement.


DIMEXNET to develop several advantages which puts it in first scene in its mission to serve the interests of its Canadian / Quebec and Ivorian customers.


His main concern is to ensure the quality of its services and products in order to increase the profitability of its partners and / or customers, and also to create a dynamic development in the agricultural sector and export agricultural products, including cocoa, coffee, rice, and sesame, between Cote d'Ivoire and Canada.


Moreover, by extending its activities to the export of agricultural products, DIMEXNET strengthen its active role and will be more able to ensure the quality and effectiveness of its services. It will be the point of contact that will link farmers and organizations involved in the Ivory Coast to Manufacturers of agricultural equipment as well as buyers / suppliers / distributors of basic products mentioned above.


It also vouches to provide superior service and exceeding customer expectations while controlling with expertise in the supply chain and transport, and finally, she assured quality and compliance Ivorian farmers of products to meet international standards.


His specialty will be available from North American suppliers of agricultural equipment performing several brands that will ship in the Ivory Coast to potential customers. The equipment will be delivered to customers based on financial need and means available, taking into account delivery times clearly specified by them.


Another advantage DIMEXNET has is that its President / CEO has established several business trust and business with several employees, partners and institutions, both in Quebec and Côte d'Ivoire. DIMEXNET will consist of a young, energetic, professional in order to create a sustainable and effective trust in agricultural entrepreneurship, to enable the economic, agricultural and social.

Company Profile

DIMEXNET was originally created in order to establish a long-term economic partnership between Canada / Quebec and the Ivory Coast. This partnership is based on an economic agreement that will ensure that the two parties involved will benefit from a development in the agriculture and manufacturing.


For decades , agriculture has been a catalyst for the economic development of the Ivory Coast. It is rightly also the founder Fire Félix Houphouët-Boigny said: "The success of this country based on agriculture ." The diversity of the Ivorian operation is large, but due to lack of logistics, the mode that is largely dominant , is that of exploitation artisanal , traditional family .