By offering quality products at affordable prices, we wish to participate in the development of basic infrastructure in rural Côte d’Ivoire. By ensuring all expeditions in a rigourous way. Dimexnet indeed aims  to become a leader in the mechanization of the Ivorian agricultural sector. Because quality we believe in it! ISO 9001-2008 Certified.



We take full responsibility vis-à-vis our clients and suppliers.

Dimexnet takes charge of every step in the supply chain:


1) Offering our services to potential clients in Côte d’Ivoire.
2) Taking clients’ orders.
3) Researching the availability of the needed products among North American suppliers.
4) Effectuating a price comparison and submitting the orders to our suppliers.
5) Setting up the delivery process (transport & logistics, customs & transit).
6) Delivering to the clients.
7) After sale follow-up and warranty.



Our agricultural products offers:



-cashew peeled

-Raw cashew

-Arnacade brut







In the interest of developing the Ivorian agricultural sector, DIMEXNET Import-Export orientates its activities towards finding North American suppliers for agricultural machinery, and distributing their products directly to its Ivorian clients. DIMEXNET takes on the task of selecting the right suppliers and carrying out the purchase with attention to guaranteeing a quality that will satisfy the clients. We are also responsible for the logistics and transport of the equipment.

Machinery equipment from suppliers and/or dealers, for cash or short-term credit. This equipment consists of: Tractors, seeders, trucks, motocultors, and others, of all desired brands.

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