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Vehicles Solutions

As we know the North American vehicles are built with high quality standards to survive the harsh winter climate . Therefore DIMEXNET Inc. offers a wide selection of all types of vehicles for customers in Ivory Coast has comptetive price. Quality we believe int it! ISO 9001-2008 Certified.


Car request quotes?

You have a car in mind? Ask for the price we have to offer via our contact page on the site.


Place an order!

The price suits you and you are ready to order. Place an order via our contact page on the site. It's so simple and more Dimexnet makes your life easier by offering you various payment like paypal.


Received it!

Once we have received the sum of expected in our agreement , be part before receipt or paid in full . We guarantee a delivery destination agreed between the two left with assurance on the quality of the product. We also do follow up with our customers to ensure your complete satisfaction