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The purpose of the commitments contained in our corporate charter is to formalize our state of mind, our methodology and the principles that drive us. It sets out the fundamental values ​​and mission of the company for all employees who are called upon to reflect and act in their professional activities according to these guidelines, to involve them each in the functioning of the company and to define the line of action. conduct with regard to the internal organization, our customers, service providers, suppliers and stakeholders. Adherence to these values ​​is essential. It guarantees the quality of the services provided, constituting a useful benchmark for all those associated with projects led by the DIMEXNET GROUP. Also, in line with the sustainable development approach that drives us, we want to share it not only with our employees, customers and suppliers but also with all of our stakeholders.


Our vision


Respond to the growing demand for agricultural mechanization, especially in a context where the global demand for products (cocoa, coffee, cashew nuts, etc.) is increasing worldwide on the one hand and on the other hand where prices are soaring for the '' acquisition of good equipment with the added value of guaranteed door-to-door delivery, training and installation by our North American experts (agricultural cooperation winner) to guarantee production (food security) and create sustainable jobs with drip irrigation systems, agricultural machinery and inputs based on global supply chain management logistics.


Our reason


To be a driving force in sustainable economic development within the framework of agricultural mechanization on the African continent and in the world.


Our ambition


Become the essential reference in terms of project development in agricultural mechanization in Africa, the management of these projects, the exploitation and marketing of products (market gardening and cash crops).


Our mission


Supporting Agricultural Cooperatives, OPAs, private farmers, etc. as part of agricultural mechanization, processing and marketing of their products on local, sub-regional and international markets.


Our values


These values ​​are founding elements for our actions and behaviors, both external and internal:

  • Straightness

  • Justice

  • Courage

  • Benevolence

  • Indulgence

  • Politeness

  • Honesty

  • Sincerity

  • Honor

  • Loyalty

  • Character

  • Self control

  • Responsibility

  • Requirement

  • Commitment


Because taking into account the social and environmental dimensions linked to our activity is fundamental to us, we are committed to respecting the following principles which derive from these values, with a view to controlled growth guaranteeing the sustainability of the company.




Aware of the role we have to play as a company and actor of sustainable development on the African continent, we take care of all aspects of our responsibility, which relate to both social, economic and environmental aspects of our activity.


Respect for human rights and regulations


We undertake to comply with international conventions and all the laws and regulations in force in all the countries where we operate and not to collaborate with entities which, to our knowledge, do not comply with them.


Fight against forced or compulsory labor and child labor


We are actively working for the elimination of all forms of forced and compulsory labor. We undertake in particular, for service providers likely to employ entities in countries where such practices may still exist, to require these service providers to undertake themselves in writing not to resort, directly or by through their suppliers or subcontractors, to any form of forced or compulsory labor.


Fight against discrimination, insecurity and harassment


We see diversity as a source of wealth. It promotes exchanges, the openness of everyone and allows the company to progress. We are therefore committed to combating all forms of discrimination within the DIMEXNET group and to respecting the principles of equal treatment for all employees, regardless of their origins, gender or disability.


We actively fight against job insecurity: we favor hiring on open-ended contracts and limit the use of interim or fixed-term contracts to what is strictly necessary.


We identify, support and develop programs based on social criteria resulting in positive impacts on the conditions and quality of life of the most vulnerable populations (food security, sources of activity and income, processing, transport, logistics …).


We are committed to prohibiting any form of physical, moral or sexual harassment, to preventing such acts and to putting an end to them when they are brought to our attention.


Work-life balance


This balance is the guarantor of the motivation and health of our teams. This is why we are open to the implementation of the provisions, regulatory or not, which contribute to it. In particular, we undertake to examine requests concerning part-time work or any other form of sharing between private and professional life without unfavorable prejudice and without discrimination, relating in particular to the sex of the person concerned.


Cooperative management and social dialogue


Aware of the value of people in the economic model that we wish to support and develop, we proscribe the authoritarian and directive management mode and implement a cooperative management mode, replacing the coordination of tasks by the synchronization of roles and by encouraging initiative, proactive approaches and team spirit. We remain attentive to the proposals of our employees. We strive to offer a business model based on ethics, sharing and mutual respect: it is the guarantee of a lasting relationship between the stakeholders, a motivating base for our collaboration. It is also the basis of an exchange allowing the birth of new ideas and to remain efficient in a highly competitive environment.


Peoples' security


The safety of the personnel of the DIMEXNET Group at their place of work or during their travels is our responsibility. We inform employees who have to travel to faraway countries of the specific risks they could run, particularly concerning their health, and we inform them of local habits and customs, when their ignorance could lead to serious disturbances to their detriment.


Respect the environment


As a player in sustainable development, respect for the environment is one of our priorities:

  • we strive to control our carbon and environmental footprint by controlling our consumption of energy and materials, environmental actions (waste management, etc.) and eco-responsible purchases in the office.

  • We select, support and support programs that promote biodiversity and the development of living things.

  • Where appropriate, in the event of serious doubt about the possible impact of some of our activities on the environment, we apply the precautionary principle.


Fight against corruption


Ethics in the conduct of business is one of our permanent concerns.


We are actively engaged in the fight against all forms of corruption, active or passive, within the DIMEXNET Group or at the level of our partners and in particular against anything relating to extortion or bribes, whatever '' be the terms, facilitation payments ("baksheesh") paid to officials to speed up the execution of administrative formalities, but also what can be assimilated (important end-of-year gifts, payment of notes of costs to third parties, donations or facilities granted to political parties or organizations linked to them, rebates or billing discrepancies granted in an abnormal manner, etc.).





Quality at heart


To provide the most satisfactory service to our customers, we seek the highest quality in all our services, as well as a level of qualification of our employees.


We make every effort to attract and retain the profiles of employees with the richest knowledge or experience in our businesses to ensure a high level of expertise at all times.


We attach importance to the quality of service and are attentive to our customers and the particularities of their activity to adapt as best as possible to their needs, anticipate them and build with them a process of sustainable continuous improvement and based on trust.


We are constantly at the forefront of innovation and training in terms of methodologies and techniques that relate to our business.


In addition, we research and promote best practices in our sector of activity.


A necessary rigor


Building on our culture of engineering and project development, we apply scientific rigor and a high level of requirement to all our approaches, whether they involve analysis, advice or research.


We call on market players whose reliability is recognized to oversee the processes that we put in place or that are implemented within our services and programs. By doing this, on the one hand, we want to offer transparency and optimal guarantees to our customers, and on the other hand, to generate the best possible benefits in terms of local development and environmental protection.




We believe in the value of our commitments and we stick to them.


Our driving force: conviction


The conviction of the importance of the economic, environmental and human development mission that we have set for ourselves is the driving force behind our approach and our actions.


A constant concern: transmission


Because the issues on which we have chosen to intervene concern all stakeholders in society, we are committed to promoting environmental and social actions and to informing all types of public about forestry issues, with a view to promoting a more great responsibility for the environment.


In order to convey and share the challenges of sustainable development, we use language that is easily accessible to all and strive to simplify what is complex.


We are involved in the training of our future employees (trainees, apprentices, etc.) and promote the associative and civic engagement of the company's employees.


We favor long-term relationships with our employees, customers, partners and service providers in order to preserve and maintain a common culture that is as solid as possible on these values.


A watchword: action


Concrete action on the ground is our priority. Aware that sustainable development is a process of continuous improvement, we associate each of the commitments made with actions, objectives and indicators that we review each year.


We are directly involved in the environmental and social programs that we offer and ensure their implementation and their tangible results.

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